Discovering Solutions for Dementia Symptoms

What is the study about?

The purpose of this research is to better understand when and why people living with dementia have behavioral symptoms such as repeating the same question over and over.


We are exploring a variety of possible causes such as environmental triggers, genetic risk factors, inflammatory markers, and microbiome (our gut bacteria).


We are enrolling both persons living with Alzheimer’s disease and their primary caregivers. 


We are enrolling persons who live within a 1 hour driving distance from Birmingham Alabama. For one study activity you will need to visit the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We can assist with transportation.

How do you participate?


Contact us to learn more about the study and to find out if you can participate. 

Phone: (210) 560-3075

Daily Reflections of Dementia Caregivers – UAB SON

NB Room #470H
1720 2nd Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35294

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